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1-800-DIG-RITE or 811


Responsibilities of the Excavator

Click here to read the responsibilities of the Facility Owner

The person or supervisor doing the actual excavation is considered to be the “Excavator” and is responsible for the following (read pages 28-29).

Excavators are responsible to provide accurate information.  Accurate dig site information is essential to prevent damages.  Correct contact information is necessary!

The excavator must excavate in a careful and prudent manner.

The excavator must notify MOCS at least three (3) and not more than ten (10) working days in advance of the excavation (see Timeline Chart on page 16).

In the event the owner/operator fails to respond, the excavator must request a second notice, called a “No Response” ticket using the original ticket number you received when you place the original request.  It is important that you specify by name which utility did not respond so that we only notify the utility that did not respond to your original request.  To place a “No Response” ticket call 1-800-DIG-RITE or 811. Upon receiving the “No Response” ticket, the utilities are required to respond by marking or making contact with the excavator within two hours.  If the “No Response” notification is made before 2pm, the marking shall be completed that working day.  If the notification is made after 2 pm, the marking is to be completed no later than 10 am the next working day (read page 36).

If work has not started within 10 days of the locate request start date and time a “Remark” must be submitted (read pages 31-32).

If the excavator discovers the facility was incorrectly located, the excavator must notify the call center and request an “Incorrect Locate”.

If an underground facility is damaged or dislocated, the excavator must notify the call center and request a “Dig Up” locate notification.  If the damage involves pipeline or natural gas facilities that results in the release of hazardous liquid or gas, both 911 and the MOCS call center must be notified (read page 32-33).

It is illegal for the excavator to conceal or attempt to conceal damage or to make repairs unless authorized by the owner.  Emergency temporary repairs may be made only to sewer lines without prior authorization (read page 32).

Excavators shall exercise reasonable care not to unnecessarily disturb or obliterate markings provided for location of underground facilities.

Excavators must hand dig within the “Approximate Location” when best practices and circumstances permit (read page 23).

Excavators must call 911 when damage occurs to facilities resulting in a release of hazardous liquids (read page 32).

Excavators must use the extended start date and time process only through MOCS and only when the process is initiated by the utilities.

Excavators shall not make repeated unnecessary requests for remarking.  If determined to be unnecessary, the excavator may be liable for the cost of the remarks (read page 31-32).

Excavators must confirm utility response before starting any excavation.  Click here to confirm utility response.

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