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Confirming Utility Response

Step #3: Confirming Utility Response

This is the most important step in making sure you have a safe excavation.

Let’s review. You notified Missouri One Call. You marked your proposed dig site with white flags or white paint. You now have your locate request number and a list of utility companies who may have utilities in your dig site area. It’s been three working days and you are ready to begin digging. But, before that shovel hits the ground, you must first confirm that all the utilities on your request have responded to your locate request before proceeding.

Missouri law requires utilities to status their response to every locate request they receive.

Once a ticket has been located, the utility communicates their response back to Missouri One Call. The status of their locates are then emailed to the excavator at the locate start date and time, using the contact information they have provided.

Another way to check utility response is to use Ticket Search on the home page of the Missouri One Call website. Enter your 9 digit ticket number and click Search. Scroll down to the “List of Utilities”. Each utilities response is listed at the bottom.

When statusing their response, each utility has the ability to designate a particular request as:

  • Marked
  • Clear/No Conflict
  • Area of Excavation Cannot Be Determined
  • No Locate – Unable to Gain Access
  • Work in Progress
  • No Locate – Work Completed
  • Maps or Documents Provided

If any utility listed on the locate request has failed to respond, you are required to contact Missouri One Call to place a “No Response” request.

If all utilities have responded, you are now free to begin digging. Keep in mind, Always Respect the marks. They are your guide to a safe and successful dig.

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