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The Design Ticket

Types of Design Tickets

There are two types of “Design” tickets that MOCS can process.

The first type of Design Ticket is for projects in the preliminary design stage. This request would require the caller to identify the area of the proposed project. The call center will identify all members within this area. A list of these members Design Ticket contacts and phone numbers will be faxed to the caller. No locate request is transmitted to member companies and no charge for this service will be made. This type of “Design” ticket can only be called in.

The second type of “Design” ticket will generate an actual locate request. The new format of the “Design” ticket will only ask for information specific to a “Design” locate request.  The ticket will be issued to each member who has facilities in the area of excavation. The difference between this ticket and a routine locate request is that a response time of five (5) working days will be allowed. Each member will still be responsible for making a positive response to the request.

If a utility fails to respond, you should make a no response request specifying which utility failed to respond. The utility should contact you within 2 hours.

MOCS hopes that the “Design” ticket will be used more frequently by surveyors and engineering firms involved in the planning stages of a project.

How and when to use the Design Ticket

Surveyors, engineering firms and excavators who are in the initial planning stages of construction should be the primary users of this type of ticket.

When calling in to request a “Design” ticket the caller must first inform the MOCS operator that they wish to process a “Design” ticket.

The caller will then be read the following description:

“A Design locate request is used to identify the location of underground facilities in the area of a proposed excavation project for the purpose of developing Design Construction Drawings. No excavation shall take place on a design locate request.

A locate request for the subsequent excavation must be made at least two working  days before and no more than 10 days before commencing excavation.”

Get More Information

Call your Missouri One Call System at 1-800-DIG-RITE to utilize this tool.

Knowing what utilities are involved before a project even starts is an important aspect of damage prevention.

Safe Digging Education

Safe digging is everyone’s responsibility. It’s a free service to notify Missouri One Call of your planned excavation to help prevent damages that may result in fines, utility service interruption and injury or even death. The 5 short video segments below detail how to dig safely.

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