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Missouri One Call System (MOCS) 1-800-DIG-RITE or 811

Order MOCS Materials

MOCS provides the following materials free of charge for both its members and excavators.

We suggest that these educational materials be carried in company vehicles for reference and/or direct distribution to excavators in the field.

Please review the following list, you can either print the form and fax in your order to 573-636-7548 or directly submit your order by e-mail.

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Quantity Max. Educational Items
25 Retractable Ballpoint Pens (view image)
Any Square Stickers (view image)
Any 4" Static Cling Window Stickers (view image)
3 1" x 3" Stickers/Roll of 100 (view image)
Any 9 inch Round 811 Vehicle Stickers (view image)
Any 12 inch Round 811 Vehicle Stickers (view image)
Any Bumper Stickers (view image)
1 8'x4' Banner (view image)
Any 2' Paper Rulers for damage investigation photos (view image)
150 White Marking Flags
150 Homeowner's Safe Digging Guide (view image)
Any ULCC Color Code Plastic Cards - Locate Back (view image)
Any Work Location Pads (25 per pad) (view image)
Any Quick Reference Cards (view image)
Any Excavator Manuals (view image)
Any Quick Reference Marking Standards Guide (view image)
Any Educational Packets (view image)
5 5 Step Education/Training videos (view image)

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