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Always Call or Click Before You Dig.
It’s Easy. It’s Free. And, it’s the Law!

1-800-DIG-RITE or 811

Waiting the Required Amount of Time

Step #2: Waiting the Required Amount of Time

You notified Missouri One Call and put in your locate request. You’ve marked your proposed dig site with white flags or white paint. You now have your locate request number and a list of utility companies who may have utilities in your dig site area.

Now, you must wait the required amount of time before you begin digging. The utility companies need time to do their job of marking your dig site.

Missouri law defines this time period as two working days but does not count the day you call in. That’s why we always say Call or Click 3 working days before you plan to dig.

So, if you called in your locate request on Monday, the utilities should have responded by marking or by letting you know that they are clear, if that is the case, you can begin you work on Thursday. Keep in mind, a working day excludes weekends and holidays.

Now, before that shovel hits the ground, make sure you confirm that every utility that is on your request has responded. Each utility should have marked your dig site with a color assigned to their utility type or statused the request as clear in the system.

If any utility on your locate request has not responded, call Missouri One Call to place a “No Response” ticket. If your No Response request is made before 2 pm, the utility is required to respond to you before the end of that working day. If your request is made after 2 pm their response is to be made before 10 am the next working day.

Keep in mind, if your excavation job gets delayed and has not begun before 10 days of having been marked, you will need to notify Missouri One Call for a “Remark” using your original ticket number.

Remember, as the excavator you have vital role in the system. Always call or click before you dig. Wait the required amount of time while the utilities mark your dig site or advise that they do not have any facilities at your dig site. Confirm each utilities response. Finally, dig with care respecting the marks to avoid damages.

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